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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
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Organizing a Visit

Welcome to Fatima Public School!

Educational trips that form a part of the school curriculum are very valuable as they provide the students the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit. Apart from this, the trips also provide relief from the drudgery that academic study sometimes becomes, an opportunity for close interaction with peers that students enjoy so much, and a chance for the teacher to observe and interact with the student in a structure different from and more informal than the classroom. School visits and other opportunities for learning outside the classroom are vital to develop confidence and risk judgement among young people and to structure a society that is not excessively risk averse. Uncertainty is inherent in adventure, bringing the possibility of adverse outcome, but a young person’s development should not be stifled by the need to consider the worst consequence of risk, without estimating its likelihood and balancing this against the possible benefits. The concept of risk/benefit assessment should be our guiding light.

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