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Mandatory Public Disclosures
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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
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Guidelines to Parents

Welcome to Fatima Public School!

Parents should co-operate with the school in its attempt to help your children’s progress, by paying attention to the punctuality, regularity and discipline. Kindly make sure that your kids are participating in all academic and non-academic programmes initiated by the school. Children should be obedient to teachers and all authorities of the school. Parents must ensure that your child strictly follows the prescribed school uniform everyday without fail. The hair style must be strictly taken care of. Boy’s hair must be cut short and neat. It must not be tinted or dyed. No shaving or cropping the sides and back. Boys must be neat in appearance, clean shave and no facial hair is allowed. School fee should be paid before 5th of every month, if not a fine of rupees 250/- will be levied. English is the language of communication in the school and in the school van. Practicing English conversation at home helps the students improve spoken English skill. Parents should make sure that the notebooks and textbooks of your child are always neatly covered. If the child has to leave the school premises during school hours prior permission should be obtained by the parent/ guardian from the principal. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school office to ensure the identity of the person who comes in to collect your child in case of emergencies. Parents are requested not to send your child to school if he/she is suffering from any contagious or infectious disease. If the child is likely to be absent due to illness for a specific period, the class teacher must be informed within two days. If your kids are subjected to psychological or emotional stress, the school authorities ought to be informed. Taking care of the confidentiality and sensitivity, the school can provide for guidance and counseling. Timely intervention of parents and school is very much vital in such cases Parents will not be allowed to see their wards or teachers during working hours. Parents can meet teachers after school hours with the permission of the principal (3.45 pm to 4.30 pm) Parents are advised to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting regularly and make use of the opportunities to discuss the development and progress of their wards. Parents are requested to go through the school diary carefully, read the rules and regulations and the other particulars there in and follow them strictly. Change in the contact number (landline and mobile) may please be intimated to the school office.

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