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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
    Education Is The Key
    To Your Success.
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    Welcome to Fatima Public School Senior Secondary!
    Take The First Step To
    Knowledge With Us.

Chief Administrator's Message

Welcome to Fatima Public School!

Education is the greatest service to humanity Human personality is the earth’s greatest treasure. Fatima Public school is in the persuit of human treasure hunting. We foster intellectual exaltation along with service to humanity, the value of being a human being. Every child in this campus is trained to be intelligent, active, communicative, conscious in behavior, sociable, emotionally strong, empathetic and physically fit. The infrastructure and facilities are designed to cultivate in the student the power and skill to suit the national and global environment.

The modernity in the school houses all the facilities of a global school. We insist on sensitive paraenting. Strengthing the mind and body is the only remedy to overcome weakness and wickedness.

Children are mented here for the future India. We aim at a holistic learning atmosphere in this campus. Fatima public school is in all the ways a futuristic school.

Mr.Rajendra Babu MA.,M.Ed

Chief Administrator

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